Meet Melissa

Melissa Cordon Black is a seasoned attorney, an experienced public litigator, and a compassionate community advocate.

Now, she’s running for County Court Judge in Hillsborough County.

For Melissa Cordon Black, Hillsborough County is home. Melissa was born to immigrant parents and raised in Brandon, Florida. Continuing a tradition of service that she learned from her parents, after graduating from the University of Florida and earning her law degree from the Stetson University College of Law, she spent years using her legal expertise to contribute to our community. 

Melissa has over 16 years of extensive experience inside of the courtroom — she served as a public litigator with the Attorney General’s office before starting her own family law practice, where she has served as a pro bono attorney for hundreds of children in need, including representing foster care children, victims of human trafficking, and children with special needs.

As the mother of three herself, Melissa has been an ​​unwavering advocate for foster children and teens across Hillsborough County. She spends her free time giving back to our community, volunteering with organizations like the Challenger Baseball program, which is designed for children in Hillsborough County with physical or mental disabilities.

To Melissa, public service is a calling to set an example for others. Now, she’s ready to build on her record of service to our community and set an example of dignity, respect, and integrity as our next County Court Judge.